4 Books

Let me start by confessing, I haven’t read many books. To be honest, I am not a good reader but at least they will get to four. Kagori ( the lady who allowed me to pick this challenge from her ) described her books so well, I could feel her passion for reading… Now start with this then check out her’s coz this is a very rough draft compared to her master piece….

1. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers — This book shows how a lady who hated herself and was disgusted by her lifestyle was shown unconditional love by God. Thou to us they may seem unworthy, to God he can redeem and make them new.. A love story that will bring you to tears.

2. Who moved my cheese? by Dr. Spencer Johnson — A simple book that speaks about change and how four different people handle it. It is so simple but carries so much weight in it.

3. Tell Me Your Dreams by Sidney Sheldon — A story about a lady who had multiple personalities and how each personality was entirely different from the other, how each was brought out and the frustrations she went through. I could see the images in my head and it was a very interesting read.

4. A Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers — This is an amazing book with 5 stories put into one. Its about five women who God chose removing them from shame, desperation and frustrations to a place of respect and praise. Francine is a great author, she is so captivating and tells the stories so well that you get lost in the book. Many times I find myself so engrossed that I once passed my stop without realizing it, while reading it in the bus. I am in the 3rd story and this book is simply a MUST read.


5 Foods

1. Ribs at the Spur…. OH Yummmmmmmmmmmy

2. Fogo Gaucho salads and different meat variety… Aweeeeeesome

3. Fish Fingers at Green View ooooh WOW!!!

4. Marinated chicken made by my lovely sister, Wairimu Wahome.

5. Home cooked meal of Ugali, kales and fry beef with a few slices of avocado….

7 Wants

This one I have more than seven but this is what I have chosen for this slot:

Soon to be MINE....

  1. Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million fragrance
  2. Subaru Impreza WRX 2012 with Quad outlet exhausts..
  3. For my blog to be read worldwide
  4. To go back to school
  5. A sit down with the CEO of Linksoft Group of Companies
  6. To be totally independent
  7. To help at least one person every day




9 Loves

Among them is what I am doing now, this is my love train: No particular order, Choo Choo…..
  1. Family – I am so blessed to have them in my life. I love the way their love and support is unconditional. They have seen me through this life and continue to trust and believe in my dreams.
  2. Friends – my second family. They have been there through thick and thin, taught me that you can have a support structure so strong its unbelievable. We laugh, cry, play, go for banana rides, share experiences, snap at each other, chat and get each other through the good and bad times.
  3. Having knowledge – being totally confident when doing or talking about something, implementing based on the thorough and vast knowledge.
  4. Writing – now this is a great passion of mine. I love it so much and I am amazed at how people are appreciating it and encouraging me to do it more often.
  5. Travelling – if it was possible, i would have already toured the world. Make no mistake I will still get to the World level…
  6. God – The favor and love He has shown me, I have no words…..
  7. Shoes – now here, I have not yet gotten to it but watch this space.. My own pair of Jimmy Choo’s and Christian Louboutin’s are coming soon
  8. Photography – My dad taught me this and I would love to go further and learn more, get a cannon and go wild…
  9. Watching Series – Single Ladies, Gossip Girl, Burn Notice, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Castle, Modern Family, Big Bang, CSI Miami… Need I say MORE?

8 Fears

This took sometime but I finally got them…..


...shivering in my boots...

  1. Failing – specifically due to lack of adequate knowledge
  2. Snakes – thinking, seeing on TV gives me the creeps. Now u can imagine if I saw a live one…
  3. Letting my Dad down – He has been the pillar of my life and I pray that I never disappoint or let him down.
  4. Dead Bodies – me n morgues X
  5. Accidents – my mum died of a head on and my fear even when I am driving is getting a car accident. Thinking of what was going through her mind, pain, impact……
  6. Not making it in life – I know I am going places. I fear not getting to my desired destination.
  7. Sleeping in the dark – since I was young until today, there must be some form of light for me to sleep…
  8. One chokora called Davie, he showed me syringes and a knife and I caved and gave him my busfare about two years ago. Sadly, I still see him in tao, but i cross the road express…