Good Service

For some reason this week has been strange for me, I didn’t realize until today morning that it was already Friday. I am so happy that it is because now I have two whole days to relax, thou I will probably end up being busier during the weekend.

Yesterday I had a very good meal with a friend of mine at a certain famous coffee house, within the city centre. Their food was very delicious and I am proud to say I actually ate more than half, which for me at this point, deserves a pat on the back. It was a nice time to catch up and we really enjoyed ourselves until the end, when the waitress threatened to spoil our day. As I mentioned in an earlier post, munchkin has made me quite calm and I no longer anger easily. However, the waitress kept ignoring as my friend tried to catch her attention for about 30 minutes. We could choose to assume she might have been swamped, or was just ignoring us, or genuinely did not see our raised hand which almost turned to screams. However, at the end of the day, this would be something that would leave a bad taste in the mouth of one’s customer. So what is the expected change in such a scenario, as a business owner? Should you be able to anticipate all the possible outcomes of a situation? In this case, probably have a floor manager who goes round every so often just to ensure all customers are attended to. Another option is to have enough waiters to ensure that at all times, no one person is being bombarded by placing orders, delivering orders and collecting cash from over 10 clients. The choices are there and it’s important to consider one, as customers have an emotional connection with your brand. Once they start losing that connection, then you significantly begin to lose business.

With that in mind, I would like to commend Mapambo for their timely and excellent service.

My mapambo charm

I decided to buy myself the third charm bracelet, just to appreciate the weight I am carrying, the sleepless nights and to add on to the glow munchkin has allowed me to have. I placed the order yesterday afternoon, got feedback in less than ten minutes that they would deliver today and for sure, by 12.15pm, they had delivered all the way to Lenana Road. This is my third order and I will get to the a hundredth and beyond. I am one happy client and will definitely continue doing business with them. Check out their beautiful accessories here.

Have a lovely weekend