The Drama that was this morning

My morning started off a bit sluggish, with that feeling of just wearing jeans to the office, which I actually did, then seeing how it goes. So my usual routine went really well, with my tip toe mastery being excellent. My munchkin did not wake up, despite walking into that room almost 15 times. Finally i left the house and all was well. When I got to the bus stop, the current bus had one space left and unfortunately a guy rushed to it. So here I was stuck with the next totally empty bus but at least three other people joined me and we boarded and waited for the other 58 or so, to joins us. I kept myself busy with my phone as I waited for it to get full.

The journey began and I found myself a bit sad because the bus did not have music, but then again, it was an opportunity to enjoy the silence as I read through a few stories and posts in peace. Just before I finished my line of thought, I spotted the preacher just as she stood up to begin her word for the day. I have nothing against preachers, its just that I am not a morning person and I prefer to start hearing loudness from around 10 a.m. Did I mention I sat somewhere in the front? This just means her voice would be that much louder. Oh well, she began on a high note and started praying a few minutes later. It took a while and we paused and gave God the respect deserved. Just as she finished her prayer, the bus conductor’s voice became louder than her’s, “Kaa chini wewe, sitaki kushikwa na karao mimi. Unafikiria 30,000 za excess nitatoa?” (Sit down. I do not want to be arrested by the police. Where do you think I will get 30,000 shillings to pay a fine for carrying excess passengers ). For the next few minutes the lady continued standing silently while the conductor went on and on, until finally she decided to take her seat. All this while the little voice in my head was screaming silently, “Awkward!!”. I felt a tinge of sadness as she whispered that she has never been arrested, or a conductor for that matter, for preaching in a bus in the morning, and she would know as she does it daily. For once, I heard her speak in a fairly pitched voice. A few minutes later, she asked the driver to let her alight, but he convinced her to continue. The conductor now explained that we were out of Ngong road, where there were so many police men, preparing the road for the president, to go open the Nairobi Trade Fair. She could now go ahead. With tears in her eyes, she was able to calm herself down and continued with her planned sermon.

On the other side, traffic had build up and I was running late already. Coming from the village where we use Boda bodas (motor bikes) almost daily, I decided to take one from Yaya to get me to work as fast as possible. I alighted from the bus and headed towards the Boda parking place. When I got there, there were two available, but a guy came almost immediately and quickly picked one. I was left with the only one remaining. I began explaining to the guy where I wanted to go.


Talk of rude interruptions, and quite unceremoniously for that matter, a way lighter skinned guy (simply because I am not racist), came to where I was standing and began speaking to the same boda guy that I was speaking to. He went ahead to explain that he wants to go to Intercontinental Hotel. For the first few seconds, I stood there dumbfounded. Was I an invisible tree or perhaps my dark skin meant I could not afford it or maybe my jeans compared to his grey suit made me less important? When I finally brought myself together, I told the boda guy, its a first come first serve basis and got onto it, seeing as I am a pro these days. The shocked grey suited guy walked off in a huff as I clicked quite loudly. Geez, just as I was cooling off from the drama, the guy gave me the helmet. This one was cute but appeared small. Maybe I have a big head but of course I blamed it on the cornrows and the cute bun at the centre. So I told him, my head could not fit and he started getting angry saying he does not want to be arrested. What was with people and being arrested this morning? Anyway, he decided to give me his instead, to which I quickly agreed as I looked at the time. It fitted yes, but OH MY GOODNESS, the smell of sweat was killing me slowly.Has he ever washed this thing ever? I thought of all the disgusting things i could within that 6 minutes ride where he kept accelerating then decelerating like a mad man. But speed was not my worry as I could barely breath. As I gave him the cash, I thought how many more minutes I would have been late had I stayed in the bus until my stop, then walked to the office vis-a-vis dying out of holding my breath for 6 long minutes. For sure this will be a drama filled day. Try not to have one yourself.

Until next time…..



Quenching the thirst at Maji Mazuri Childrens Home

Every morning before I leave for work, I state what my Munchkin will eat, drink and a few other specifics for the house. When I talk of what he will drink, I just state how much water or milk he will be given but I never stop to think of the source of water. I mean, I instruct on cleaning the house, washing the dishes, clothes among other chores. Today, I am taking a minute to think about what would happen if there was no adequate supply of water. Considering I am the type who washes dishes with almost 10 litres of water, as I rinse twice. I enjoy showering, cleaning my son’s toys all the time, as I am afraid of him eating dirt. And of course I just drink water when I am thirsty.

Now stop to think, if I reached out to pour a glass of water and found there was not even a few drops left; Or I wanted to make Munchkin cerelac just before he got up and let out that hungry yawn, only to look at the tin but have no water to dilute; This would be unbelievable, it’s something I would not even imagine but worst case scenario I would go and buy some water.

In Mwiki, there are some really cool kids who have not let cerebral palsy bring them down. They are happy to be alive and being taken care of well. A group of friends and I are planning a visit in July to take them some food stuff, clothes, diapers among other things they might need. However, during our preparations, the administration at Maji Mazuri Childrens Home told us of an even more dire need, WATER. They are unable to pay their water bill which has now accumulated to Kshs. 250,000. If not settled, it could lead to them not having access to water. I am standing in the gap to help them and I would love it if you could too. Whatever you have that could help keep this kids hydrated, clean, happy and living, as indeed water is life, please share it with them.

Here is a link to our Facebook page for more information.

maji mazuri

I will ensure that as I give orders on how much water Munchkin will drink or how his toys will be washed, that our cool kids at Maji Mazuri can have this too.

Join in and let us keep them healthy and happy.

My Dream, The Man

He walks out of the bus, i anger easily, chivalry??

He turns back and holds out his hand, for me to alight

I smile and pinch myself within, for not giving him the benefit of doubt

When down, he hugs me tight, and at that moment I am care free

As I give him my daily updates, I go on and on and on

He stares into my eyes calmly, waiting for me to finish blubbering

He promises to always be there, as long as its within his control

As he kisses my forehead, I can tell he sees the future even to old age

Sometimes he is down, I quickly reassure him and allow him to work it out

Knowing that I am right there for what he needs me to assist with

When he is in pain, he vehemently denies it but one look at him,

I can tell the magnitude of the pain

Its not always perfect, when we argue its really heated up

He is so special, that I restrain from speaking in anger

After some time when things are calm, we discuss and iron it out one by one

It feels great to be honest and let off the steam

Even as we compromise in some situations, I know that if it was within our capabilities

We would make the world much easier to deal with for each other

We would grasp the stars, and hand them to the one we loved

When I dream of him, this is how I picture it

Even though its not exact, I hope its something that resembles this

Patiently I await, the day when my dream will become reality.

Changes, Closer to Success

Seasons change, time passes by and people grow older

It’s not a wonder if you observe a few changes in them

Circumstances, hurt, responsibility, reality checks might be the cause

Looking towards the future and what to become also


Information is power, I hear them say, usually perceived to be a good thing

But sometimes, what you let out might be what comes back to bite

Sharing is good, but caution needs to be exercised

As it’s easy to speak but very difficult to take back what was said

Or the way it made someone feel


Build the support structure, small but concrete

Let it be filled with honesty, being real and care

Work towards building each other and speak out without fear,

Only then, will you truly have reality being anticipated rather than surprising you


Pray to the Almighty, ask for direction

Listen intently and believe in Him

Trust in yourself and reach for the stars, they just might open up to another unknown planet

Opportunity will meet preparedness and SUCCESS will emerge!

Just Belief and Happiness

Where the winds blow ever so swiftly

Where the grass is green and cool

There would I to lie within

Where the sun is warm, yellowing my day

Where there is no worry

Just belief and happiness


Take my hand, lets dance to the music

Take my smile, lets share the simple things

Take my eyes, lets enjoy the sparkle

Take my mind, lets bring together the knowledge

Take my heart, let it be the missing part that makes you complete


No anxiety, no fear, no doubt

Just belief and happiness

That it can be done, that it is possible

That is here!

Is the reserved aspect growing on me?

As compared to when I was younger, I find myself keeping my problems to myself, sharing my happy moments briefly and with just a chosen few, if any. i usually wonder how come I keep more to myself or find it so hard to share my issues or reasons as to why I want to do things differently. Is it part of growing up, have I become more reserved based on the output I have gotten from the past or is nature taking its course?

From the angle of work and education, I think it’s hard sometimes to voice ones fears or comments because people consider having a job a great blessing (and I agree) but does it mean if we are in the wrong career or business we stick to it on the basis that at least we have something? What if the time and effort we put in is never appreciated?

In terms of relationships, whether friends or boyfriend/girlfriend, communication is such a key element. How come sometimes one party harbors frustrations and lacks to express themselves for so long till one day it just blows up? Shouldn’t our friends be the easiest to talk to and share with? Or have they become so judgmental that you can already predict what they will say even before they listen to the whole story?

Alternatively it could just be me who has built a wall and am afraid of letting people too far in. in which case I need someone to pull me out and fast….

I realized in many of my articles I ask quite a large number of questions. I want to seek the truth and reality out of you my readers so feel free to comment and enlighten me.

Too busy??

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck at one point? It’s been so long since I just went out and hanged out with my friend or even made a new friend. I miss the element of having coffee and chatting, going for a hike, going for mini golfing or a movie or just sitting in a forum where I do not know anyone and I am faced with the challenge of making a new friend.

too busy


People are so busy nowadays it’s hard to get some time to just chill and bond. I have missed the humorous conversations with my clown friends, the geeky conversations with my fellow group of geeks, the entrepreneurial ones with other entrepreneurs or just a simple story with someone I have not seen in a really long time.

Listening to the experiences of others, what they have been through and what challenges they are going through, gives a learning experience. It also allows for others to contribute to the conversation, giving different points on how to tackle the issue at hand.

My dear friends, let’s make time and fill this April calendar with appointments coz for sure, 2012 will not have another April after this one is over….