Dedication to my Brother – Malcolm

I am one lucky girl. Though I may not have been given a biological brother, God blessed me with two super ones. Today we celebrate one of them, miaka ndio ana mingi (he he he he).As B and I made him breakfast, we were happy and wishing him all the best. He looked happy and though he was dissing us and acting macho, we know he felt like letting a tear drop, aaaaaw. I know his day is going well as he is enjoying lunch with big brother, he really will have added quite a few calories by end of day.

I remember like it was yesterday, when I was in lower primary and he was two classes ahead of me. We lived together with mum. In the evenings after school we would meet at pop-in and play car games for like two hours then head home. Of course we would get home like at 7pm as we would leave late and worse still waiting for a fly number 9 mathree to listen to music and zunguka Eastleigh with it, till we got to Parkroad. Sadly, one of the days, he decided to go home early. Seeing as there were no mobile phones, he could not tell me that he was home. I went to pop-in, as usual. I played the various games and then headed home. As I got closer to home, I had this feeling something was not right. As I walked through the door, there was mum looking at me suspiciously. She asked where I had been and I gave my usual lie. This time round however, Mal had already told her where we used to go. The beating I got that day is still fresh in my mind until today! For a very long time, I held it against him but later on he gave me the full story. How my mum made him confess was genius and put in his place, I would have ratted him out and probably faster.

Today he has grown into an amazing old (ok then semi young) man who has gone through so much in life but never given up. I admire his zeal and perserverance despite the circumstances of life. I also appreciate how he always talked bout getting a green house and true to his word, no matter how long it took or what people thought was just talk, he was able to attain it. I believe God will raise him to even higher heights and I continue to pray for his success.


For being a wonderful brother and taking care of me since I was young and even now, Asante

For the strength you have as a person and the great advice you’re happy to give for free, Asante

For snitching on me to mum that day, that was honesty being instilled in me and it worked, Asante

For loving me unconditionally, taking me as I am and correcting me without ever holding a grudge, Asante

For your awesome memory that remembers everything especially the lessons in life, that might have passed in between my ears and willingly reminding me, Asante

For being YOU!! Asante

As you enjoy the rest of your day, best believe I love U so much and not a day goes by that I do not thank God for having you in my life.

May God bless you abundantly, guide you always in what you do and protect and keep you for many more years to come.

Happiest Birthday Bro…. Baraka ziwe tele


Dedication to Miss B – Baby Gal…

This is a different dedication as I did not write it on her birthday. The main reason was I had a rough day then, and I love writing so much that I would not want to do it without my heart and mind being fully focused on it. Also there is so much to talk about this sweet baby gal that I don’t know what to write and what to leave out. Nonetheless, I will leave it simple and impactful.

Many say that people become wiser with age, which is true but for her age she is way wiser than some who are ten years older than her. She is a dedicated lady who is passionate about organizing events, cooking and fashion. B sometimes doubts herself, but I’m glad to say I am always there to remind her how awesome she is and how even Rome took a while to be built, so whatever she is working on may take time, but she will get to the top!

I know sometimes we have our lives figured out with a timeline that states by this age, one should have done this and that. Not to mention the pressure from the society may weigh us down. The most amazing thing is when one thinks they have reached rock bottom, God releases his plan. I have seen this happen for B and I know though she may not realize it, where she is now is all God’s plan and He will raise her to avenues that she cannot even begin to imagine.

We have gone through our good and bad days, with living together, hormonal imbalances, laughter, tears, hardships, relationships, sharing the special moments in our lives and as I stand today, I cannot find any one person who I talk to more and chat with the entire day, and still get home and talk for three hours. ( and it’s never a boring conversation!)

I pray that I always set a wonderful example as a big sister, that I am there throughout, that even at those moments when she does not want to talk or is feeling low, she knows my shoulder is there to lean on, no questions asked. I will get a tab of ice-cream, a great series and a warm duvet. No talking.

B Gal,

You are an amazing lady, who is so loving, considerate, real and ready to face every situation no matter how it comes

You make me smile when am sad, and even though I don’t say it always, knowing I will see you every evening when I get home brightens up my day, no matter how bad it has been.

You make me embrace fashion and you’re the perfect person, you don’t need to tell me that an outfit does not look good, you simply get another one for me that looks better.

You’re a great cook and so adventurous with it, I hope one day you get your own restaurant. I don’t know anyone else who isn’t an an Odiero, and yet knows all those different cuisines on food network channel. I am sure some people don’t even know about this channel.

You’re my rock and if I have never said it, now you know. (Oh dear, this was another reason I had not written this..emotions galore. Not that I mind)

With the dedication you have to work, I can see you hitting your thirties with a solid plan as far as your career is concerned. Keep up the great work.

Don’t focus on the past, that has well taken its course…Focus on the future and getting to where you want to be without fear or regret.

I am waiting for my nieces, best believe I will spoil them senseless and love them way more!

I want to share my favorite quote with you:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
~Mark Twain~

And my favorite verse:

Philippians 4:6-7

‘Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus ’

I love you very much my darling small sister. I appreciate every moment spent together and I pray that even when we are old with no teeth, we will always be tight, partners in crime, YOLOING and going HAM on everything..

I have really worked at filtering as I did not want it to be too wordy, just special and precise.


Dedication to my brother – Leyo

My dedications usually talk about the past and how far I have come with the special person, today I want to try something different, it’s my birthday after all, I can do anything I want (rather almost anything).

This beautiful one goes to my loving Brother Leyo Gichuho aka G or Bossi. We have shared amazing times since we were small, when u would make me the goal keeper of your team, even though I was slightly taller than the ball, to you hosting and taking great care of me.

Today I want to make some wishes I would like us to have as birthday mates and we can review them in some years to come and see how they went:

  • May we always make it a point to do something together on this special day of ours, even when Tanesh is a teenager and ur wondering whether to add more German Shepherds.
  • May we always remember what family means to us and never let each other slip or go the wrong way without having a word.
  • May I always learn from your ways seeing as your wiser and older while daring to try something different (with ur advice considered) just to make my own path.
  • May our families have each other always in happy or sad times, and may we hold the bond that Cucu has helped us build to the end of our days, passing all the values to our children.
  • May we always remember to thank God for life and all the people in it.
  • May we grow to greater heights and achievements never forgetting where we have come from and where we are headed.
  • May we meet at our usual joint today to start off a great weekend…. OH YES!!!!

You’re the best brother I could ever ask for. I appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for me. U inspire me to be a better person and I hope that I can live up to the potential you see in me. Please continue to set higher targets so that I can think smarter, work harder and broaden my horizons.

Happy 18th (MUHAHAHA) Birthday Gichuho, May the desires of your heart be fulfilled. May your family excel in everything they do. May the star in U shine forever and ever.. You are one who is loved very much.

Dedication to the one and only awesome Shiro Njagi

In this world, there are very few people who stick with you and remain friends even past the busy schedules and lifestyles.

This sunny day in April, a beautiful baby girl was born… 30 something years later. Oops!! I meant 20 something years later, she has grown to be an independent, fun, dedicated and stylish (among others) lady full of potential and looking to have the sky as a milestone other than a limit.

I remember meeting in Quabbz when we joined high school. She was quiet and kept to herself or the people she knew previously. Many thought of her as a snob and full of attitude. As for me, we became friends a little bit after and though she does not let people in easily, at least she had me whenever she was comfortable with opening up.

If ever I knew a person who kept a journal and actually wrote in it, it was Shiro. She would sit by herself on the top bunk and jot things down. This book must have been very precious coz she kept it well hidden and away from everyone.

In class we the ‘back benchers’  would be accused of expressing ourselves too loudly in class meetings and some would say that if you accused us of anything, she would wake up and ask “WHAT???” with a tone daring anyone who had the guts to stand up to her to explain. Ha ha ha I am not trying to say she was a bully, coz she wasn’t but she fought for her rights.

Shiro has been there for me through many things but my most treasured moment was when she wrote me a letter when my mum passed on. Many don’t know what to say at that time and probably she didn’t either but it was such an encouragement. There were lyrics to a song, though I can’t remember the name of the song, I remember reading the words and they made so much sense. I still have that letter kept very well and it reminds me of God given friendship. If  I never said it, Thanks so much Shiro for being there for me!!


For being a strong shoulder during mum’s time – that was so amazing and I am really thankful.

For turning from the gal who used to be so conscious about her legs, to an amazing corporate world executive who wears a skirt suit and looks great, Cheers!

For staying true to what you believe in despite the challenges that are thrown your way, Cheers!!

For being God fearing and putting all your trust in Him, Cheers!!

For our reconnection after we had stayed for a long while and it seemed like we had lost our friendship, Thank you!!

For the horrible nicknames we had in high school like yours, Estarinya…he he he (don’t kill me for this)!

For being a lovely sister to your siblings and a precious gem to your mum, Cheers!!……

For introducing me to Sonie, I remember how she gasped at my eyebrows.. Thanks Sonie, I remember you with a smile every time I go thru the pain of threading..ha ha ha

For being a supper friend to me and the rest of our gal squad (that sounds so powerpuff girlish).

On behalf of them,


As you celebrate your birthday today, May God continue to bless you abundantly. May you always find favor in His eyes.

If ever you feel down or alone, remember you will always have a friend that you are stuck with to the very end..

Happy Birthday SHIRO!!!

Dedication to Njeri Wa Wangui, an awesome Sister….

I am so excited to be writing another dedication. This gives me a sense of love, warmth and joy of appreciating my people.

When I was in high school, my holidays were what I would look forward to the most. I would close school and in two days, I’m in a matatu heading to Nakuru to see my aunty though I call her Siste, because I can.. ha ha ha. This to me meant so much, as I got to share my holiday with someone who knew so much. She would always teach me something new and I would never be lonely. She would come to get me at the stage and I knew fun had begun. As I entered my Nakuru home, Cucu would be so excited to see me, already starting to prepare our favorite meal – homemade  chips. We would sit and catch up, laugh and enjoy each other’s company so much, it felt awesome to have that big sister, it still does!

Njeri was (read still is) so social, while I was more of the girl behind her shadow. I would eventually get courage and talk to people but after adjusting to them. When I was in form one or two, she had to go for holiday tuition in Mene, she gave me her uniform and we would go together. She would say hi to the watchie, who knew all the students in that school, while I sneaked in. I would pretend to read and share stories with people, till break and lunch time when we would hang out with her and her friends. They were so cool; they would buy me lunch and treat me so well, sometimes I would just stare in awe. I was happy to belong.

On weekends, Cucu would literally chase us out of the house to go party and hangout with friends; we would do so till early the next day. One fateful day, just before going back to Nairobi the next day, we were caught by cops. Luckily for her, she was let lose while me and June* were literally lifted into the truck as we were too short. As I stumbled to get my balance so as to get into the truck, I felt a sharp pain on my back. For the first and last time ever (at least I hope so), I was hit by what you call a ‘nyahunyo’. Excruciating pain is an understatement, to what I felt.  I could feel the swelling lines on my back. The truck started moving and panic struck. How would I explain this to my dad? Where was I going? Worse still, would I sleep in a cell, after all the creepy stories I had heard? What would Njeri tell Cucu?? Luckily June* was able to talk to the cops and for something small he let us go. The downside was, he did not want the driver to know he had had his cake and eaten it, so we had to jump off the truck and run… With my height, you can imagine me jumping off a military size truck. I was amazed at how I did it. We ran until the point where we had been caught and found Njeri, tears rolling down her face, worried senseless. Until today, I feel the love that I saw in her eyes that day, the joy of seeing us, amidst the worry. Thank goodness we can now laugh about it today.

Another special memory I remember was when mum passed on, she left an entire week of high school, and she was in form 4, to come and keep me company. How memorable and great was that? She helped through the hard times, made me laugh, kept me distracted when I needed it and understood when I wanted to just be alone. She was a pillar, when I needed her the most.

In high school, she tried her best to come for all my Vizos and made them ever so memorable. I even remember she was the one who told me that my small sis was going to be born in a couple of months. I was a rebel then and such news made me anxious, a bit irritated and uncomfortable. I guess it was because I had not embraced my step mum and had major teenage issues. Still, she was my rock and gave me advice and direction when I needed it.

I remember her excitement when she came to Nairobi and when we would go visit her at a hostel in Ngara. She had two jobs and school and still held on and fought for a successful life. Seeing the successful woman she has become today, shows how far she has come, her zeal, hard work and determination that has taken her to great heights.

There are so many more memories but for some I prefer not to talk about coz they might be too personal and some a bit sad so I will stop at that. In a nutshell, we have shared life together since we are young, and not a day passes by that I am not thankful.


Thinking of you and the times we have shared makes me want to laugh, some sad memories cry, thank God for you, stand tall and tell everyone that there is an amazing woman, who is going to have a positive impact to the ends of the world. A woman who has direction, determination, conviction, kindness, selflessness, focus and love for so many people. You may not show your love to people the way they expect it, but for me, I have no doubt that it exists.

For the pizzas we ate with Mwai when we did not even know what flavor we liked, Cheers!

For the movies we watched in Odeon cinema, Naks with popcorns for ten bob, Cheers!

For the time, Wahome made us ‘miria mara, Cheers!

For being there for each other, through the loss of the most important women in our lives and being able to live to become what they expected and dreamed us to be, Cheers!

For climbing over the gate to your house in south B just to enjoy each other’s company, Cheers!

For the sleepovers where we would talk until 2am in the night, Cheers!

For my very first Chinese dinner, Cheers!

For all the memories and fun times we shared in Nakuru, Cheers!

For the unconditional love towards me, the great advice, immeasurable help and constant love, Cheers!

Happy Birthday Njeri wa Wangui, May the good Lord continue to bless and uplift you all the days of your life.

I Love You so much and appreciate you this beautiful day.

* not her real name

Dedication to my Sister – Annie…..

I remember meeting her as we were going for lunch with my brothers; she said hi and chatted a bit then left. From her looks you could see she had style, a bit of attitude and a lovely smile. I remember the first party she attended for the small group then (which has grown to be our second family which is quite big now), she was quiet, looking around and only talking to G. She did some interesting things that day like spiking of something but that dirty laundry is for another day.

Today this beautiful lady was born, about forty five years ago he he he … It’s so amazing the way you get people in your lives who turn out to be angels sent by God. For a long time I struggled with losing my mum and looking for a person to give me direction in certain feminine issues, someone I could talk to and ask anything without feeling like it was too personal. There are many family members I could talk to but this beautiful girl, I am able to share anything knowing she has the time to listen, think about and give me an answer whether I want to hear it or not. She has had experience with this life and is a great big sister to many.

I appreciate the fact that she does not show her emotions and feelings like some of us do, it’s her personality, but she lets me; know in her own way how much love she has for me. I admire her dedication and love for her family and friends, her genuine concern and selflessness for the people in her life.

I remember her excitement and anxiety when she was about to get her beautiful daughter. I saw the love in her eyes, when she held their baby in her arms the first day and more than a year later I see even more love when she plays with her daughter, when she and G are stealing a moment together to touch base and enjoy their family.

Thank U Annie for being in my life, for taking care of me like your blood sister. For all the times we laugh and hate, for your advice through this tough life, for your passion for family, for your honesty in all situations, for being an example that I am honored to follow and just for being U…

And Tanesh says 

My mummy is so cool. She teaches me how to laugh sarcastically, ‘gotta’, to dance ‘furi furi’, to smile, to say bye bye and huggie. I feel so bad when her n daddy go to work in the morning, but I know they want all the best for me. I am anxiously waiting to open the door when they get home in the evening. Thou they don’t fully understand my language, I say welcome back home mum n dad. I had missed you and I Love U.Happy Birthday Mummy…”

Happy Birthday Annie…


Dedication to My People, Dudes n Dudettes…

The day before yesterday, I was humbled beyond words. I have talked about special people in life but I have to emphasize on this as it made me want to cry. I am in a group of friends who are actually older than me; all are family to me either through blood or amazing friendship. Many times we meet, share a meal or a few drinks, bond, discuss business or just bum together. They have taught me most of the things I know through their actions, ideas, professions and advice. They are accepting to outsiders but if you cross anyone they would be willing to attack, harder than a charging rhino.

Lives have been changing and with family and jobs, sometimes we do not meet as often as we would like to. Thank goodness for social sites and texts, at least we chat once in a while. Being January, everyone was a bit cautious holding on to the final coins awaiting end month payment. On a sad note, a friend of ours lost their mum last week and she comes from about 200kms away. By Saturday, evening about five people had dedicated to going to see her, when they got the news. As word spread at about 9 o’clock in the evening, it would be difficult for people to make an impromptu trip early the next day. At least that’s what many would think. The amazing thing is by midnight, thirteen had confirmed to travel to pass our support and condolences. Not that we had money but there was need to be a support structure to one of us. I was/am humbled by such a selfless gesture. For one to take an entire day which is the relaxing day for many, down all their other plans, spare the money for the journey with its costs to be there not for recognition or to gain a thing, but to offer their love and comfort. Even the ones who could not make it, they were with us in spirit and heart.

We sometimes have arguments or disagree with the people in our lives but when you know the true meaning of friendship, u realize that no disagreement or difference in views should ever make you lose those special people in your life. Through great friendship, love and commitment, we have shared laughter, sorrow, wonderful company, meals, ‘jagers’, opinions, advice and many more.

My people, I appreciate and salute you for being wonderful family. I am so proud to be associated with you and I pray we will always take care of each other and have loooooooooooveeeeeee all around.