Munchkin Tales

As munchkin gets closer to the 2 year old mark, I can already begin to see the signs of what they call terrible two. Initially he was interested in my phone and though he would sometimes get angry when I did not give it to him, a toy would easily distract him. Now he is more intelligent and knows exactly what he wants. Usually, I hear it from family or friends that he has grown a little bigger. I think it is because I see him every day and it seems like he is the same little munch. These days, his milestones are what tell me he is growing.

In December, if we did not want him touching anything, it was simple. We would put it on the top part of the seat and forget all about it. Nowadays, he will climb up the seat and reach to the top for whatever you thought you were hiding.  Currently, the remote is our all time favorite. As long as he sees it, he wants it. It doesn’t matter whether its mummy or daddy who has it, he just wants it period. This weekend, I saw his new reaction to “No”. In two seconds, he had tossed himself to the ground yelling at the top of his lungs. I have seen tantrums before but this is the mother of them all. I stared for about a minute, not knowing what to do. Within that time frame, a couple of things crossed my mind. Do I go my mother’s way, slipper and tap his behind a bit? Or do I go according to the reading I have done that says tantrums sometimes are to seek attention, as he is at that stage where he wants to be understood, but still hasn’t got all the words right? Well I went with the latter, but I made it crystal clear that I was not giving him the remote. He cried for a while, but I explained the same thing and when he saw I wasn’t changing my mind, he decided to take it. At that very moment, I actually saw him testing me to see how I would react. Wow, these kids are so intelligent.

On a different note, munchkin is well adjusted to the new nanny, a month later. He has mastered saying hi on the phone, feeding well, playing with his toys and enjoying her company. She might do a few things differently in terms of house chores, but I have learnt how to live with it. As long as my munchkin is happy, I can sort out the rest.

As I wait for the next milestone, this is how big we have become:

Just a week left and I tick the 19th month off...

Just a week left and I tick the 19th month off…


This Muthiga girl reflects, Muthaiga is possible…

Its 2015, February to be precise, this time flies by too quickly. I have already had a roller coaster ride this year, wow my life is soooo, (whats the word?) Dramatic?? Some might say that but all the same, being alive beats all else.

I started out the weekend hanging out with friends with whom I once worked with. We sat and talked, laughed, and remembered the days past, it was quite a reflection. Then we talked about where we currently where in life and though the paths were quite different, there was a level of contentment as well as a hopeful spirit for what was to come. We could not believe that it was 9 pm already and we still had not covered everything. We needed another date to catch up and hoped through life’s busy schedules we could make it soon.

On Saturday, I saw one of my friends get married. It was such a milestone and I was so proud of him. As I sat there, I couldn’t help but remember the campus days and all the crazy fun things we did, how we got through the tough times and just who we were in general. Had you told us about marriage then, we probably would have said it would never happen. Fast forward to today, he looked so happy and ready to be a husband. From his speech, his dance moves and aura, he was ready for the rest of his life with his lovely bride.

On the other hand, one of my girlfriends from high school had a house warming / goat eating as she prepares for her wedding. There was a lot of excitement in the air and the bringing together of friends they have from different aspects of their lives, was humbling. As they narrated their story, I remembered the girl who was once my roommate in high school and the major worry that was to pass KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education), for all of us, and how God had taken great care of her and raised her up more than she would have imagined then.  We laughed at the hardships they had gone through as they started the dating journey, on a light note of course, and stood proud that they had been able to go through it all, come out stronger and find the person who they would share the rest of their life with.

looking back

The thinker in me woke up as always and made me realize how far we have come. Though days pass by really fast these days (hope that makes sense), we actually do move on to greater heights. It might not seem like much but when I remembered high school and campus, there as so many milestones. We may have set targets that we have not achieved yet but I assure you, we are not where we were ten years or so ago.

As I remember who I was in high school through to campus until now, I am so excited and humbled. I still have quite a lot to do but I am on the way, I am not stagnant. I have a beautiful family, great friends and I have matured in so many ways. So much so that I could blow my trumpet, I just choose not to J. I have quite a lot that I need to cover and to be honest, sometimes I feel down and as though I am on pause, but after this weekend, I have reevaluated and just stopped and seen life from another angle. I continue in this race of life, I am a success in the making and very appreciative of my achievements, failures, ups and downs, joy and sadness, the various experiences I have gone through. I realize now that everything truly does happen for a reason and once embraced, it’s easier to move to the next level.  On an entirely different note, someone please tell me why cleaners in some restaurants feel the need to wash the floors with Jik (a bleach brand) and all other detergents with such strong scents, while one is still eating……. I await an answer or probably a solution to that problem.