Munchkin’s life progress

During the week, I sometimes have to sit outside in the evening Whatspping a friend, so that Munchkin can eat his food. Kids are amazing. The minute I walk through that door he forgets everything and remembers the all too cool, nyonyo. Many have said to me that he is too old and should have stopped and I think it too sometimes, but the comfort he has when he is enjoying his right temperature shake makes me push the timeline a bit further.

I remember waiting and being so anxious about him walking. It was quite a while since he started holding on to the seat or stool and there were prophesies that he would walk a week after, then it became two weeks then three and I just stopped thinking about it and gave him his space. Finally he started walking on his own, I was so excited and so was he. He would lift his hands up and walk with pride, seeing he does not need to hold to anything. Of course the excitement sometimes leads to running, underestimating a distance to the door and falling. The experience is scary but for sure lack of an expression on mummy’s face has him up and about in two seconds, not even dusting himself. So we walked while holding a finger or two when he got scared and soon his confidence was up and great.

Of late he has been screaming and wanting all of mummy’s attention. Leaving to go to work is a nightmare as I contemplate hiding then decide, to just say bye so that I do not allow separation anxiety to build up. I often end up feeling like going back to calm him down.  I am so excited and enjoy the love but sometimes I am also worried he doesn’t want to interact with anyone else especially relatives he hasn’t seen in a while. I question whether I am the one who has not exposed him, but then again I am probably just edgy being a first time mum.

So yesterday we went out for lunch with Tata, Nana, and some friends. The new environment had him refusing to walk at all and could only be carried by mum. With time, he warmed up and was playing quite a lot with Tata. However, any attempt to pick him up had him yelling.
Our kind waitress, Mary, saw the struggles and brought him his own menu to play with. That was quite exciting for him, until a few minutes later, when he got over it and was wondering what was the next cool thing to play with. Mum’s juice brought a scuffle, but I stood my ground and did not give him the cold drink, for about 20 minutes, then I figured warm water mixed with it would quench a little thirst. Luckily, munchkin loves food so we enjoyed the fries and a tiny bite of the ribs. After food, Mary brought him a coloring paper and some crayons.


He was more fascinated by the different colors of the crayons for sure. Soon he was removing them one by one, slipping them through the space between the seats to the floor. The lovely green balloon was the next captivation; the material rubbed against his face seemed interesting though short lived.  Yet again we were back to the menu. Books are noticeably of interest starting with grandma’s newspaper; his little Lion king story book and menus. I am glad to say he loves books, so I will definitely work at buying enough story books and hopefully he will get into the reading culture. Finally, when he was tired with everything, he stretched out and started to pull mama for his dose of nyonyo and five minutes later, he was fast asleep. Kids have such a interesting life, eat, sleep, play, fuss, explore and repeat.

My munchkin, I am so glad you grow and learn something new daily. I will enjoy each moment I can because I know the attention to Mum will not always be there so if you need to tag my trouser, hold my hand, refuse to picked by anyone else, scream and be dramatic when I am around, yell at the top of your lungs when I leave for work or step outside, I will enjoy before we move on to the next milestone and soon you will be all grown up refusing to be hugged and kissed by mummy. I will enjoy.