Quenching the thirst at Maji Mazuri Childrens Home

Every morning before I leave for work, I state what my Munchkin will eat, drink and a few other specifics for the house. When I talk of what he will drink, I just state how much water or milk he will be given but I never stop to think of the source of water. I mean, I instruct on cleaning the house, washing the dishes, clothes among other chores. Today, I am taking a minute to think about what would happen if there was no adequate supply of water. Considering I am the type who washes dishes with almost 10 litres of water, as I rinse twice. I enjoy showering, cleaning my son’s toys all the time, as I am afraid of him eating dirt. And of course I just drink water when I am thirsty.

Now stop to think, if I reached out to pour a glass of water and found there was not even a few drops left; Or I wanted to make Munchkin cerelac just before he got up and let out that hungry yawn, only to look at the tin but have no water to dilute; This would be unbelievable, it’s something I would not even imagine but worst case scenario I would go and buy some water.

In Mwiki, there are some really cool kids who have not let cerebral palsy bring them down. They are happy to be alive and being taken care of well. A group of friends and I are planning a visit in July to take them some food stuff, clothes, diapers among other things they might need. However, during our preparations, the administration at Maji Mazuri Childrens Home told us of an even more dire need, WATER. They are unable to pay their water bill which has now accumulated to Kshs. 250,000. If not settled, it could lead to them not having access to water. I am standing in the gap to help them and I would love it if you could too. Whatever you have that could help keep this kids hydrated, clean, happy and living, as indeed water is life, please share it with them.

Here is a link to our Facebook page for more information.

maji mazuri

I will ensure that as I give orders on how much water Munchkin will drink or how his toys will be washed, that our cool kids at Maji Mazuri can have this too.

Join in and let us keep them healthy and happy.


Entering his fourth quarter, my munch

I promise, I blog every other day, I really do, it’s just that I save it in my head. (Smiles) I am so ashamed of how long it has been but I will jump right into it. My once little munch is now almost a senior. He is in the fourth quarter of the year, so exciting. As the journey continues, he is now a veteran who went through the blended food and quickly past it to simply mashed foods. I am now a bit more relaxed and actually allow him to have our food. He has had ugali and soup, which he loved, matoke and potatoes, chapo and chicken stew and of course we go back to his good old pumpkin. The most amazing thing is he has learnt how to chew without teeth. Food has never been a problem, well, until he started teething.

I always heard stories of babies’ reaction to teething but because Munchkin had not yet gotten there I did not think much of it. The day finally came and it was not pleasant. First was the swelling of the gum and for that I thought I was prepared with the teether. Little did I know that he did not like it at all and would not use it. Then came the diarrhea and mummy was filled with fear. I felt so sorry for him, hoping it was not painful, always remembering to ask the nanny to give him water frequently to keep him hydrated. One week has gone by and though it has reduced, I still worry. Now he finds comfort in my finger for his itchy gums as carrots get boring after a few minutes.

On a good note, he has started standing by grabbing the front part of the outfit, of whoever is holding or sitting next to him. He can actually take steps when you hold his hands. This has made him so active that he reaches out for any and everything and can now stretch his body further. With growth comes intelligence and memory. He remembers how to high five mummy, say hi to his Shosh, show Maitu his hand’s shadow among many other things. On top of that if he wants my phone, it’s not the remote or his toy or hong kong phooey, it’s my phone and otherwise, he yells at the top of his lungs. He can vocalize his opinion.

This journey is an amazing one as you see changes every day. It keeps me encouraged to work harder and smarter. Fills me with sadness when he cries as I leave the house, or when I come in and want to change first. Makes me laugh as he holds my top with such force to stand, scares me as he stretches his hand past the seat, not realizing there is a space in between that could get him to the ground so fast. It amazes me as I realize how kids are blessed and wonder how he has already knows there are shadows and become fascinated by them.

Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of motherhood, the energy and grace to go through it, to work and to persevere, to never give up even when times a hard, to always see his clothes and toys before mine, to learn and embrace the refreshed times he brings my way, to let go of any and everything and focus on my little munchkin, to get a nanny and take good care of them, to remain prayerful and focused and to have a little person to nurture, take care of and bring up.