The half year mark – Weaning

The amazing way in which you watch a young one grow to the level of learning how to eat with a spoon, could have you staring at Munchkin for 30 minutes and smiling at his actions. As I searched for the little tiny spoons that are specially curved to ensure they create interest to the little munchkins, that they don’t hurt them when they want to play with them and attract them with their brightly coloured designs, I was quite worried. I wondered if he would like the spoons, if he would know that it’s his new mode of feeding, if he would enjoy putting them in his mouth, just to get used to it. Having heard a great experience with tommee tippee, I decided to get the same brand. As l stared at the different packs of bowls and spoons, it hit me how fast six months had gone by. On one hand, it was exciting but on the other I could see how quickly he will get to teenage hood then soon turn eighteen.

First day of feeding was finally here and as I prepared his tiny bowl of porridge, I was so reluctant to change that I thought of pouring it out and just breastfeeding. However, I encouraged myself, got the bib on his neck and it was a go. At first, he stared at the spoon then the contents as I brought it closer to his mouth. He tasted it and made a funny face. Right there, I panicked and all sort of crazy thoughts of how I would be chasing him round the house with a mwiko, to get him to eat crossed through my mind. Just before I could continue with that train of thought, his cooing got me back to reality. He motioned forward, reaching out for the spoon. Happily, I scooped a little more porridge and this time as I gave it to him, he took it calmly and swallowed. Four spoons later, we were done as it was the first meal and he was required to have just a little, to observe how his body would react.

Thanks to God, my employer gave me two hours every morning to ensure I gave him his breakfast. As the week went by, I introduced cerelac and fruits on different days. He loved the fruits, a tiny pawpaw on one day and adding a tiny banana the next, and the excitement when he pooped is one of the special moments in my life, no constipation! The joys of motherhood.  The trend continued and I am so thankful and happy that so far nothing has reacted negatively. Munchkin has enjoyed pawpaw, banana, orange, avocado, cerelac, porridge, pumpkin and we are looking at introducing apple and peach puree this weekend. Both of us are surely excited and munchkin is so proud to be enjoying his favorite meal *drum rolls*CERELAC..

Munchkin meets the world

Munchkin meets the world

On of the challenges comes when he wakes up hungry and he is not patient enough to wait for the food to be passed through the sieve literally to make it edible and digestible for his little tummy. I have learnt to prepare it earlier and just leave it for warming when he wakes up. The excitement he has for food assures me that he is enjoying this new stage.

With growing up and eating, comes more energy and thus more naughtiness. Munchkin is learning to roll over and pull all things towards him. This includes my plate of food as I am distracted for two seconds. In a span of two weeks, he has poured my tea twice, thank God it has never poured on him. I love that now he can have a conversation with me, and I can tell his mood, whether he is excited or angry and if he is cozing at Mama. He still does not sleep through the night, but I am more than okay with it. I would wake up even six times if I have to, just for my little (not too little anymore) munch..

Munchkin, what was Mummy’s life like before you?