The Fifteen Minutes Walk

I am a sucker for short distances, houses close to the road, let’s just call it laziness. Since I walk about 7 minutes to work daily, I convince myself that it’s enough workout. Now that I live about 15 minutes away from the road, I feel like it’s almost gotten to the Rongai level , no pun intended ha ha ha ha. However, since these days I am trying to get the best out of every situation, I decided to quit whining and it turned out to be a really good thing.

On a sunny morning, I walk slowly listening to hype music to keep me energized for the day. I am slowly getting into the lady land, I find myself wearing dresses or a skirt and a bright top and absolutely loving it. So by the time I admire myself, appreciate my other admirers, and bob to the great music, I am already at the stage. On a rainy day, I battle with the mud, enjoy watching cars skid, have warm and fighter thoughts to avoid falling and ruining the good looks. Yap, vanity is one of the vices I possess, blame my family.

The amazing thing is that the evenings bring out the best time to release the pressure, think about the day and what I should have done better.  On the days I am feeling a bit stressed, it’s the best time to walk. I sometimes phone a friend to release the steam as I take brisk steps, knowing my little munchkin is looking forward to seeing his mummy. The feeling is definitely mutual. When not on phone, I analyze these thoughts real quick, discard the pressure, enjoy the evening breeze and just as I begin to get tired, I spot Mama Akoth, the roast maize vendor, and I beam with excitement. I select the soft maize, pay up and say thanks. As I continue with my journey, I find myself smiling; I think she spikes the maize.


My love for music gives me an alternative to thinking times. Depending on what station I am listening to, I enjoy the blues, reminiscing about a love that was or thinking of the one that will be on Monday, old skool on Wednesday to appreciate the mid week excitement and the ragga bringing the party mood on Thursday evening. Life is so interesting, the distance has now turned out to be a time and exercise that I absolutely enjoy or that clears my mind. Indeed things sometimes change for the better, rigidity can keep you sad for a while but looking at the bright side of things allows one to embrace change and stay happy. You might be surprised; it just could teach you something new about yourself. I know I have learnt a couple of things.

As I open the door to the house, I remove my shoes, walk in and see the greatest smile ever or sometimes a frown as he fights off the hunger pangs, from the little man who has made my life ever so meaningful. At that point, I forget that I was supposed to be tired and I quickly wash my hands to get the update for the day, after he feeds of course.. Such an amazing welcome…