Four Months Already

Celebrating four months is such an achievement. I know it seems like a short time, but having little munchkin in my life has made every day so memorable it feels like a year and I totally enjoy it. With this new level of his life, he now fits his fist into his mouth, has proper eye and hand coordination, he can easily pull something I am holding, tempted to pour my tea to discover what that is.

I remember when people used to ask me if he can see, and at some point I got scared. After referring to Dr. Google, I relaxed as it gets better with time as his brain develops. I remember when he just used to stare at me, I liked it coz I was the centre of his attention, but he has since discovered that he can see all other cool people and things. He now enjoys looking around and has even gotten to mastering people’s faces. This has led to feeling sweet for some of the people who try to hold him, and excitement when he can recognize his chosen few.

Good news for mummy is, he is not peeing on me as often, this must be because I am back to work and I don’t change him as often. What he now enjoys doing is while changing him, he kicks and sometimes reaches out for the water. This has led to a couple of spills but we have now known where to place it.

So they say that kids pick out some habits from their parents, wait for it…. Munchkin is now eating his tongue, direct translation, just like his mummy. I have no idea how. With that his gums have become so hard and he knows when to play with his food factory and when to pull it out.  OUCH!!!

He hogs almost three quarters of the bed, yes he still sleeps in my bed *hides*. With his little hands that seem so long when he stretches them out, I find them on my face. Surprisingly he can turn to an angle of 45 degrees so I have to keep checking him up on him. He now pulls the covers to eat when he wakes up , so I have to make sure he is covered up to where his hands will not pull them above his tiny face.

My most treasured moments are when he wakes up and cries, then he sees mean it turns to a smile, from ear to ear as he lifts his hands up with excitement. That warms my heart and chases all my problems far, far away. I am so jazzed to have a little me, he is my all. Meanwhile he has started to threaten to fall, actually fallen once, a scared mum that makes me, but that is for my next blog item.

Munchkin, what was Mummy’s life like before you?


The Spirit Spill

This morning as I walked out of the house, I could not help but smile as I left my little munchkin asleep. I looked at him, thought of kissing him but considered he would wake up. I really restrained myself. It’s so nice to see him laugh, stretch his tiny hands, wanting to be lifted to sit up and see the world from that angle.

Was just thinking about how far he has come and I am humbled. When he was a few days old, he had just finished taking a bath as I watched, (he was too tiny or rather I was too afraid to give him a bath then). His navel had not healed so a little surgical spirit was put on cotton wool and it was cleaned. Unfortunately, as the bottle was being lifted, the spirit slid and poured on him. I was so scared; I kept on praying he was alright as he was wiped real quickly. My heart sank. It was bad enough that it was at night, he had no clothes on and now spirit had poured all over him. At that point, I could not tell if it had gotten to his eyes, nose and mouth but I knew it had poured on him. I never thought of blame as it would have happened to anyone, even me. Instead I kept praying silently, that he was ok and that his sight would not be affected. I held back tears as he was calmed down and dressed, at least until when it was just Munchkin and I left in the room. As I held him close, he smelt of spirit everywhere, I could not tell the extent. Then I cried, while asking God to please not let him be affected in anyway. When I looked into his little eyes, more tears rolled down my face. He had jaundice and now spirit, Oh Dear… I prayed and cried out to God. I tried Dr. Google to check the effects of spirit and that made it far much worse. We decided to observe him until morning, if he had any reaction other than the norm, we would take him to hospital.

little eyes

In a few days, I forgot all about it and was probably dealing with him pooping on all his clothes, and yes I mean all. It was more like an outburst. Today, his eyes are fine. He can see me, coo and give me stories, differentiate voices and sleep a little longer at night. Mums, this journey is tough but the beauty of it is, things get better with time and God protects the little ones. For the world at large, sometimes we are in situations which bother us, depress us, and keep us feeling so low that even crying or yelling is not enough, but be encouraged, situations do not last forever. God does not give us situations we cannot handle.

So when I get home today, I will lift my little Munchkin, smother him with lots of kisses and enjoy whatever point we are at, forget all my troubles even if it’s for the moment. Celebrate the far we have come.

Munchkin, what was Mummy’s life like before you?