Baby gets shocked too

Sometimes I get shocked at how Munchkin behaves or reacts to situations, take when he wants to feed, he yawns then has certain mouth movements, in fact at his current age he makes a certain protest like noise with it getting louder, as a second passes by, to get my attention. If he could make a placard, it would read:


Oops I am sorry I digress, did you know that some babies get shocked at their own fart?? Don’t laugh its really true. When Munchkin was a little younger (he is now a mini grown up) he would fart and let out a cry. I always thought he was feeling pain or had a tummy upset, too much gas maybe, but it turned out that he was shocked by the loud noise he let out. Now I can laugh about it, that time it was a bit stressful though. He is so shocked when I sneeze or cough, clap my hands or start talking after a long silence, he sometimes cries like he has been spanked by his mummy.

The best story that shocked him was once when I was changing him and I turned to pick his bum oil, it was just a few seconds, he let out a loud cry and of course I turned back in panic wondering what had happened. I found water all over his face and I picked him up, calming him down, as I tried to find out where the water came from and how it poured on him. He relaxed and stopped crying and I wiped his little cute, chubby face. You can imagine my surprise when it hit me, it was his own pee, ha ha ha ha I laugh at that experience until today.  I think he panicked when he felt pee all over his face and probably it entered his nose as well, poor boy (as I laugh at him). Indeed boys will truly be boys, even when they are a few months old. The good thing is I know he will be good at Math, with angles and all…

Munchkin, what was Mummy’s life like before you?



Yippee, I am back, with my munchkin right now in hand… Finally, the long journey came to an end, bringing forth a lovely gift just like his name means. So about the myths, all I will say is that the one about extreme pain is surely not a myth. Indeed the joy though, overrides all the previous feelings.

The first days are quite delicate and scary. How to hold, fear of the neck before it stabilizes, wondering if he is seeing me, if he can hear, when or how he will learn to feed – it is a trying time for all starting mothers, but we thank God for His grace and the support of people who have been through it before. The encouraging thing is all these things pass and baby adapts as does his/her mother. However, new things keep coming in as well. I remember the first time my son puked, it was panic all over wondering how major it was that he removed milk from his mouth and nose. Worse still was when they said; make sure he sleeps on his side so that he does not choke. Now for a couple of nights all I would do is just stare at him as he slept, to make sure he does not choke. Today, it’s easier. I still stare at him sleep once in a while, rush to check on him when he sleeps for too long, just to make sure he is breathing, pray as he feeds that he does not choke and many other things. But I know that as he sleeps on his side, milk will come out when he burps and spill to his little blankie and he will be fine.

As he grows

Being a mother is a tough thing, it requires patience, the will to learn, the strength to remain sane or not to get a heart attack, the grace that only God can give to allow one to leave their munchkin with another person. On the other side, it’s the most fulfilling, heart melting, loving, engaging and blessed part of my life. No matter how much stress, his little toothless smile and bubu talk, makes me feel loved and so valued. I have been puked on, peed on (trust them boys), pooped on, scratched, drooled on and there are many more to come as he grows, but I would not trade if for anything.

To all mothers (myself included),and mothers to be, what looks like a mountain today will one day be a tiny little speck of dirt. Pray, play, love, live and thank God, family and friends for their love and support.