The Journey Continues……

It’s amazing to realize how days go by so quickly and though at the beginning of a journey it feels like one is so far from the destination, with time it gets closer and closer. Depending on the keenness you have, there is a lot of value and knowledge to be picked along the way, an eye opening experience, a cautious situation, a need to embrace change and realizing what is most important.

Munchkin and I have been away, but not forgotten. Probably trying to prepare for the D-day, while adjusting to this new way of life. Indeed a lot of excitement is involved; there is this deep feeling of connection that is not explainable. All I can say is it gets better as the days go by. However, this era of technology and Dr. Google could easily lead to higher level of anxiety reducing this happiness. Not to mention, people’s traditions and beliefs on pregnancy and how it should go, what you should eat, how your shoe size may affect your delivery and their need to share all of this with you. At first it can be frustrating as you try to know what to take in and what to trash. But once you realize that not everything people say or think is necessarily true, then you create a filter that easily has proper research done and ability to discard what is just not fact.

I always thought I love surprises, in fact I actually do. However, staying for 9 months waiting for it was too much for me this time round. So I went and found out and though they say, machines or rather the results might never be a 100%, I think this one is solid. I am happy. So the shopping began, and though it’s still not done. This was another milestone. Sharing it with my girls and getting advice on what to buy was so much fun. Looking at that tiny outfit and thinking it looks like it’s for a doll, just to realize how major it is that I am the one buying it for a young one that I will be raising. A gift that God has put into your hands and trusts you to be the care giver – THE PARENT! (Saying it out loud still scares me, but I know it will come naturally).

If one is lucky, our physical traits don’t change much. The face, nose and probably legs remain the same and for that we are thankful. The amazing thing is, even for the ones that legs swell or the face has an attack of acne, or you look like you have swallowed something HUGE, they look beyond it because the joy of a tiny human being growing inside you, formation of the bones, eyes, ears, tiny little fingers and toes forming, that great plan that’s orchestrated by God is far GREATER than anything else you could think or imagine.

Having a support system makes the destination look closer and the hurdles a little easier. Family and friends keep u warm, strong, prepared and loved even with the many changes. Amazingly, support groups on Facebook are quite a great plus too. You meet so many other women going through the same thing, you share your joys, sorrows, fears, experiences on doctors, hospitals, what to carry, the entire process. Having others go ahead and share on how it went, gives comfort and strength even though each experience is different.

I am still working on getting the photos for the photo book of the great journey. As I catch up with that due to the shared brain cells I forget sometimes, check this one out!