Ice Skating Plot

There was a lot of hype when the first rink, they call it the Solar Ice Rink, no idea why, was opened in Nairobi a couple of years ago. I had such high hopes and excitement, but I think something else came up and I neglected my urge to go then. About two weeks ago, it was suggested as a birthday plot for M and finally I got the chance to ACTUALLY go to the rink. I was both excited and nervous; I actually realized I have that fear of how I will perform in new activities. I discovered quite recently that I rarely try new things, I prefer eating the foods I am used to, wearing cool colors, maintaining the same hair styles etc, and I want to come out of my comfort zone and enjoy life. Anyway, I digress, so we got there and got the cool blue shoes and we were ready to start.

Oh dear, even standing straight was tricky as we started. I held on to the sort of fence (due to lack of a better word) that surrounds the rink and went along to attempt movement. It was hard at first, and even while holding onto it I fell for the first time. It was exciting, well really cold on my behind, but exciting nonetheless. On this day, the crew was feeling daring and everyone in their own way was trying it out. The pro, Mr. G, gave us few tit bits on how to do it and it actually made it more exciting. Even the birthday boy, tried it out.

As I got more relaxed, I realized it was actually a activity of calculations, learning when to slightly bend forward to avoid falling, standing at a certain angle to control movement and many other geeky cool tricks. The work out involved was actually what made me even more excited. Seeing as I am slowly, but surely, ensuring I take work out seriously as opposed to just talking, it actually made me feel certain muscles were actively used, and it was something fun as opposed to running.

By the end of the hour, I could actually move without holding frantically onto the fence. I have evidence.

I did not get to go to the centre of the rink, but I guess that means that I am surely going back. Ice skating in Nairobi is at the Panari Sky Centre for only 700 Kenyan shillings. This is for one hour. It takes place every alternating hour as they use the next hour to work on the ice (don’t know exactly what they do).

You should try it out some time!


The Puncture Vs The Lady

I left work yesterday, feeling excited as I was going to see folks and my siblings. I hurried to the house, got the car and drove off heading home. As I was just about 100 metres from home, I heard the sound, and could feel the car being pulled to the left, Oh No!! A Puncture…. Noooooooooooooo. I dread this moment. I have driven for a few years, but never have I changed a tyre by myself. I remember this once, when I was sent by old man somewhere and when I came back, I parked the car and waited for him to come and change the tyre. After all, it was his car I said to myself, and he is the strong one. When he came, he showed me what a car jack was and went through the whole process with me. Of course, i listened and actually got part of the concept, but I thought I would never have to do it. Anyway, so yesterday, I wondered how I would create enough impact for him to help (read change the tyre for me). I settled on a sulky face, and walked in saying I had a flat. Clearly I am my father’s daughter as he agreed to help as long as I was his Kanda ya Moko commonly known as the help.

Being the bright lady that I am, as I headed to Nakuru over the weekend, I had all the tyres checked and pressure increased in all other than the spare. So there I was with a spare, which could not even help the situation. Luckily, his rim was the same as mine, so he offered his spare tyre. I looked at him as he placed the jack strategically on a wood block, and found the perfect place to hook it up. At the very moment, I heard myself ask, how you know where to hook it up so that it does not go crumbling, leaving the car damaged or worse still the person changing the car hurt. Who was I kidding, no matter how much I love cars and strive to know about them, I still remain a woman. Even after seeing people change tyres, and enjoying helping, doing it myself would probably take an hour as I cross my fingers, praying I hooked it right, taking like twenty to gather all the strength and raise it up. Next, loosening the nuts is the other thing. Some of them were so tight, that he had to step on the thingie used to open (you know what I’m talking about). Now how would I trust that thing with my entire body stepping on it, what if I trip and fall and break a nail, (my blonde side)LOL.. Anyway, the nuts were loosened and soon the tire was out and we were putting in the spare, alright then, he was while I stared in awe. At this point, I now relaxed because I knew it was just a few more minutes and we were done. I held the torch ever so proudly as if I had contributed to this job.

My dad was done in such a short time, I was amazed. I was back to getting excited about my home visit and tossing all my cares to the wind. This was a lucky day, he was so close by, but he won’t always be there. I need to get the dream man I talked about in my last post to teach me (read kindly do it for me). I learnt something new about myself yesterday, and I thought it was amazing to share with you. I am a woman, and there are some things that no matter how exciting I think they are, I will need my better half to do it for me. I know people can pay others to do it, but the hopeless believer I am in love; I will consider it Acts of Service, one of the 5 love languages.

My Dream, The Man

He walks out of the bus, i anger easily, chivalry??

He turns back and holds out his hand, for me to alight

I smile and pinch myself within, for not giving him the benefit of doubt

When down, he hugs me tight, and at that moment I am care free

As I give him my daily updates, I go on and on and on

He stares into my eyes calmly, waiting for me to finish blubbering


He promises to always be there, as long as its within his control

As he kisses my forehead, I can tell he sees the future even to old age

Sometimes he is down, I quickly reassure him and allow him to work it out

Knowing that I am right there for what he needs me to assist with

When he is in pain, he vehemently denies it but one look at him,

I can tell the magnitude of the pain


Its not always perfect, when we argue its really heated up

He is so special, that I restrain from speaking in anger

After some time when things are calm, we discuss and iron it out one by one

It feels great to be honest and let off the steam

Even as we compromise in some situations, I know that if it was within our capabilities

We would make the world much easier to deal with for each other

We would grasp the stars, and hand them to the one we loved


When I dream of him, this is how I picture it

Even though its not exact, I hope its something that resembles this

Patiently I await, the day when my dream will become reality.

Be thankful for the current

So this year I feel a lot of pressure, I feel like at this age I haven’t achieved things I thought would have been done. And thou I have been trying to take it a day at a time, sometimes the pressure has been weighing me down. The other day though, I realized that irrespective of how much we think and plan our lives, there is someone who is in control. It might feel at some point that you can’t live without a person, that job, that house but a year or two later you realize you have actually gotten by just fine and even achieved something bigger or heading to that point. With this in mind, I am now trying to relax and take it easy. Don’t take me wrong, I still have goals that I work towards but I also realize that everything will not go my way. I may cry today and even tomorrow but it will get better.

Strangely, chasing after what we want easily makes us forget what we already have. I have life, I can see, hear, talk, walk, sleep warmly, have a plate on my table every evening. Did I mention such a wonderful family, both nuclear and extended, quality friends, some have been lost after holding on to them only to find it’s not mutual but it’s okay. It was for a reason, the experience counts for something. I am thankful to God for where I am, for sure I am not where I was three years ago. Even though I haven’t achieved what I wanted. I am grateful because I will achieve some and others will take twists which will end up being even greater than I imagined.

It might be hard today, but hold on. Be thankful for what you have currently, pray for what you want and listen to His answers. He is the one who knows how much potential you have and the great plans He has for you. Work hard and smart and trust Him to do the rest. It is not something you will embrace over night but you will get there. I am slowly but surely getting there.