Still in the preparation phase – Random Thoughts

So its been a crazy last two weeks with many thoughts crowding my mind (had to chase them away with a kifagio) and I have been trying to hide them or forget them in every kind of way. Hanging out with my friends always makes me feel better and forget my issues. These ones were so persistent that they came rushing back immediately we parted ways and went home.

I realized that sometimes you want something so bad that you keep getting frustrated and even get to a point of lowering your expectations from the product just to get to it. It’s almost like you want to settle for the nearest option to what you want. However, maybe the delay is actually a blessing in disguise. Through my anxiety of chasing after what I want to have whether paper or a job, I have learnt that before God blesses you with that good opportunity, you must be prepared. So indeed I have been looking at it like I have been disserted while in real sense, I am still in the process of being trained and prepared for the responsibility that I so want or desire. Of course, this does not lower my spirit it just means I work hard and smart and never give up, just practice patience.

In the business sector, I have a friend of mine (actually quite a few) who calls me Miss Capsicum, Mama Tomatoes ama Miss Fresh Farm coz I sell capsicum (aka hohos) n tomatoes during my free time. I smile and laugh at their interesting choice of names and I am proud of the work I do. This hustle has taught me that customers need/want consistency. Sometimes I lose a few of them because the farm n weather is misbehaving and I may not have enough produce to sell that week. It’s sad to some extent but it’s also a challenge coz it now means getting a bigger farm and planting on alternate months to cater for produce year round or even collaborating with another supplier to ensure when I can’t get them from the farm, I can have someone else to buy from.

I am slowly seeing that in life when you choose to focus and learn what is happening then you move closer to the Success Destination… Work towards getting closer and smile a lot more, I hear someone just might be falling in love with that beautiful smile.