Dedication to my brother – Leyo

My dedications usually talk about the past and how far I have come with the special person, today I want to try something different, it’s my birthday after all, I can do anything I want (rather almost anything).

This beautiful one goes to my loving Brother Leyo Gichuho aka G or Bossi. We have shared amazing times since we were small, when u would make me the goal keeper of your team, even though I was slightly taller than the ball, to you hosting and taking great care of me.

Today I want to make some wishes I would like us to have as birthday mates and we can review them in some years to come and see how they went:

  • May we always make it a point to do something together on this special day of ours, even when Tanesh is a teenager and ur wondering whether to add more German Shepherds.
  • May we always remember what family means to us and never let each other slip or go the wrong way without having a word.
  • May I always learn from your ways seeing as your wiser and older while daring to try something different (with ur advice considered) just to make my own path.
  • May our families have each other always in happy or sad times, and may we hold the bond that Cucu has helped us build to the end of our days, passing all the values to our children.
  • May we always remember to thank God for life and all the people in it.
  • May we grow to greater heights and achievements never forgetting where we have come from and where we are headed.
  • May we meet at our usual joint today to start off a great weekend…. OH YES!!!!

You’re the best brother I could ever ask for. I appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for me. U inspire me to be a better person and I hope that I can live up to the potential you see in me. Please continue to set higher targets so that I can think smarter, work harder and broaden my horizons.

Happy 18th (MUHAHAHA) Birthday Gichuho, May the desires of your heart be fulfilled. May your family excel in everything they do. May the star in U shine forever and ever.. You are one who is loved very much.


The 60th KCB Safari Rally Xperience

The experience, accuracy, synchrony and energy required to drive a rally car must be of the highest level. How I would love to learn. For the first time since I started going for the KCB rally, this time it was advised that rather than a spectator stage we head to the end point of each control stage to watch the rally drivers heading to the finish line. The thrill as I drove into the dusty roads as we rushed to the location having to almost get into a shamba as we moved off the road, for the top contestants to pass as they headed to the service station (luckily that particular stage was over so they were not at top speed). We got to the finish line moved slightly ahead to a sharp bend so as to see the maneuvering of the cars at high speed, just before they got to finish line where they are flagged down and would stop within four to eight seconds.

Carl ‘Flash’ Tundo.. Image owned by CMONCY IMAGES

Kenyans were already there in large numbers, excited and expectant to catch all the action as the 60th KCB safari rally went on. You could tell how much my fellow countrymen enjoy relaxing on a weekend and treating themselves to some car action. This time our neighbours, the Ssebo’s and Nyabo’s also came out in large numbers with the Ugandan Rally Fan Club having a large number, if not all, of its members driving down to support their drivers as they enjoyed the action. They even had some time to get a maasai goat to be slaughtered and roasted for them as they watched the rally in the ‘bundus’..

As it started to drizzle, umbrellas and rain coats came out fast but many remained edged at their spot, not willing to miss even a tiny part of the action. Ladies talked of heading to the salon the next day rather than missing out. It became rather sad when the CS4 stage running from Parane to Il-Bissel was cancelled due to flash floods as Charles Hinga’s Mistubishi Evo7 got stuck in an overflowing river. However, we were excited to have seen the first 15 cars battle it out.

Heading back to the main road proved quite tricky as many fans tried to all leave at the same time to head back to Nairobi. We chatted in the car as we waited for the roads to clear thinking of where to enjoy some good ‘nyama choma’.  We were able to make our way to Kitengela finally, where we enjoyed some good food and drinks.

This time round the experience was so intense, I even wish there was another rally this weekend. You should try it out sometime. Congrats to Carl ‘Flash’ Tundo and his partner Tim Jessop for emerging the winner yet again!!!

On a sad note, we passed by a number of accidents on our way back, drivers please exercise caution on our roads in order to see many more years to come and avoid injuries that affect your life forever.