Is the reserved aspect growing on me?

As compared to when I was younger, I find myself keeping my problems to myself, sharing my happy moments briefly and with just a chosen few, if any. i usually wonder how come I keep more to myself or find it so hard to share my issues or reasons as to why I want to do things differently. Is it part of growing up, have I become more reserved based on the output I have gotten from the past or is nature taking its course?

From the angle of work and education, I think it’s hard sometimes to voice ones fears or comments because people consider having a job a great blessing (and I agree) but does it mean if we are in the wrong career or business we stick to it on the basis that at least we have something? What if the time and effort we put in is never appreciated?

In terms of relationships, whether friends or boyfriend/girlfriend, communication is such a key element. How come sometimes one party harbors frustrations and lacks to express themselves for so long till one day it just blows up? Shouldn’t our friends be the easiest to talk to and share with? Or have they become so judgmental that you can already predict what they will say even before they listen to the whole story?

Alternatively it could just be me who has built a wall and am afraid of letting people too far in. in which case I need someone to pull me out and fast….

I realized in many of my articles I ask quite a large number of questions. I want to seek the truth and reality out of you my readers so feel free to comment and enlighten me.


Gives the hope for finding one…

There are men out there who will respond to your text messages. Men who will initiate conversations because they simply can’t wait to see what you’ll say next. There are men who will never be too busy or too preoccupied to wish you good morning, regardless if you’re a country or a block away. Men who remember to call when they say they will – because they want to – and those who surprise you with their curiosity about your sometimes monotonous days. There are men who aim to be the last person you talk to before you sleep and the first name you see on your screen when you rise. Men who show up on time – or even early – men who are genuinely excited to see you.

There are men who want to go on dates. Real dates. Men who want to take you out to their favorite…

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The Great Mt. Longonot Hike

I could sense the worry in people’s voices when I mentioned that I was going hiking last weekend, with the rainy season and all. Luckily for us, God heard our prayers and the sun shone, not too brightly as a calming breeze blew by.

Finally the day, we had been waiting for came along. I was so excited and full of energy to be hiking Mt. Longonot for the very first time. I have always loved adventure and even wonder how it took me this long to get there. In the morning, the matatu we had hired did not show up and the guy was mteja. There was that wonder in my head whether we should turn back coz this was in addition to people backing out last minute. Was it a sign?? No, it wasn’t. We hang in there and went on into town where we were meeting the rest of the crew. The men of the team hustled and we were able to get another matatu. Just before leaving town, some cops tried to give cut short our trip but when they understood the matatu was hired for a private trip, they let us go. Finally the trip had begun. As we were busy chatting and catching up, it took an hour and a half for us to get there, and we were there all happy and full of energy.

The trail started and it looked bearable. As we got higher, the fat started being burnt and the muscles stretching. Due to the rains (good excuse), I had not done much preparation for the climb. As we moved on, it now became a serious challenge and I kept wondering whether to just stop and call the far I had gone an achievement. However, my sister and a friend kept urging me to go on and when I was tired they would stop and give me a few minutes to rest. This is the point where you know how many kilos you can carry uphill…he he he. The idea of seeing the top so close but the meanders so long was a bit of a party pooper, but the fact that others had done it and the first round team had already gotten to the top made me push on.

As the cool wind blew when I finally sat at the top, I could not help but smile to myself. This was a challenge, battled and won! (Patting myself on the back) I made it!! We drank water, had glucose and even fought amongst ourselves for the Oreos


At first, the thought of going round the crater was absolutely absurd! How could these guys have any more energy left?? However, after a few minutes of relaxing, it was doable. Sadly the weather did not agree, so we had to descend and push it on for another day. Well, that gives me a reason to go back probably towards the end of the year.

Descending was quite a challenge as the loose sand made us slip a couple of times. We went down, singing songs and cracking jokes. What a lovely way to bond and have fun. Those are the simple precious moments that I will always cherish. You could see the satisfaction and excitement as we nibbled through our sandwiches, when we got to the bottom, as we celebrated the victory that was achieved last Saturday. To top it all up, we had a delicious meal closer to home and we celebrated my awesome in-laws birthdays. The cake was delicious and the surprise on their faces so amazing.

The crowd I went with was fantastic. These are people in my life who are my second family and I have so much respect and love for. What a great way to spend my weekend. As I cross off Mt. Longonot from my bucket list, I applaud my peeps and I, for a job well done and thank them for availing themselves and sharing this experience with me. I hope to climb Mt. Kenya one day but I should have at least practiced with Longonot like four times…

Mt. Longonot

SheeGal signs out for today….