Dedication to the one and only awesome Shiro Njagi

In this world, there are very few people who stick with you and remain friends even past the busy schedules and lifestyles.

This sunny day in April, a beautiful baby girl was born… 30 something years later. Oops!! I meant 20 something years later, she has grown to be an independent, fun, dedicated and stylish (among others) lady full of potential and looking to have the sky as a milestone other than a limit.

I remember meeting in Quabbz when we joined high school. She was quiet and kept to herself or the people she knew previously. Many thought of her as a snob and full of attitude. As for me, we became friends a little bit after and though she does not let people in easily, at least she had me whenever she was comfortable with opening up.

If ever I knew a person who kept a journal and actually wrote in it, it was Shiro. She would sit by herself on the top bunk and jot things down. This book must have been very precious coz she kept it well hidden and away from everyone.

In class we the ‘back benchers’  would be accused of expressing ourselves too loudly in class meetings and some would say that if you accused us of anything, she would wake up and ask “WHAT???” with a tone daring anyone who had the guts to stand up to her to explain. Ha ha ha I am not trying to say she was a bully, coz she wasn’t but she fought for her rights.

Shiro has been there for me through many things but my most treasured moment was when she wrote me a letter when my mum passed on. Many don’t know what to say at that time and probably she didn’t either but it was such an encouragement. There were lyrics to a song, though I can’t remember the name of the song, I remember reading the words and they made so much sense. I still have that letter kept very well and it reminds me of God given friendship. If  I never said it, Thanks so much Shiro for being there for me!!


For being a strong shoulder during mum’s time – that was so amazing and I am really thankful.

For turning from the gal who used to be so conscious about her legs, to an amazing corporate world executive who wears a skirt suit and looks great, Cheers!

For staying true to what you believe in despite the challenges that are thrown your way, Cheers!!

For being God fearing and putting all your trust in Him, Cheers!!

For our reconnection after we had stayed for a long while and it seemed like we had lost our friendship, Thank you!!

For the horrible nicknames we had in high school like yours, Estarinya…he he he (don’t kill me for this)!

For being a lovely sister to your siblings and a precious gem to your mum, Cheers!!……

For introducing me to Sonie, I remember how she gasped at my eyebrows.. Thanks Sonie, I remember you with a smile every time I go thru the pain of threading..ha ha ha

For being a supper friend to me and the rest of our gal squad (that sounds so powerpuff girlish).

On behalf of them,


As you celebrate your birthday today, May God continue to bless you abundantly. May you always find favor in His eyes.

If ever you feel down or alone, remember you will always have a friend that you are stuck with to the very end..

Happy Birthday SHIRO!!!


Too busy??

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck at one point? It’s been so long since I just went out and hanged out with my friend or even made a new friend. I miss the element of having coffee and chatting, going for a hike, going for mini golfing or a movie or just sitting in a forum where I do not know anyone and I am faced with the challenge of making a new friend.

too busy


People are so busy nowadays it’s hard to get some time to just chill and bond. I have missed the humorous conversations with my clown friends, the geeky conversations with my fellow group of geeks, the entrepreneurial ones with other entrepreneurs or just a simple story with someone I have not seen in a really long time.

Listening to the experiences of others, what they have been through and what challenges they are going through, gives a learning experience. It also allows for others to contribute to the conversation, giving different points on how to tackle the issue at hand.

My dear friends, let’s make time and fill this April calendar with appointments coz for sure, 2012 will not have another April after this one is over….

This is so WOW!!! Ben Kiruthi has major talent….

Faith & I

Well, once in a while Faith & I get the chance to step out of all the madness of the city :-). Sometime this week this opportunity knocked again & Faith & I were of the mind to jump on it. We were booked for a shoot at the Kenyan Coast to do some outfit shoot and we had to take a trip down to the Swahili town of Mombasa. Here are some images we captured early morning before we began the shoot. The images were taken form a beach in Nyali.

Hope it all made you feel all ‘Swahilly’ 🙂

Stay blessed & live to your full today, let nothing & no-one tell you…. you can’t!

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Forget Fear, Believe, Unlock your Potential

Many people are not able to see their full potential. For example, I have friends who are so good at what they do but to them, they are not sure or they lack the belief that they can make it further than they imagine. I will not judge coz sometimes I hear people telling me stuff and I want to ask them, “Which SheeGal are you talking about?”

Most times we know somewhere deep down that we have so much potential, but we don’t know how to unravel it? How to make what is there a reality. I have such a big problem establishing what is it I am really good at, what do I truly love and can do that will challenge me while making me a better person and giving a return on investment. This has clouded my judgment many times and I realized that it has even inhibited me from chasing dreams, meeting people and telling them exactly what I want to do in terms of business or going back to school. I am afraid they will judge me, they will wonder how I am this old and I do not know exactly which path my life or career is taking. Will they see my desire to change my career as a fail or will they understand that I feel my passion lies elsewhere? On my side, I’m I giving up too early or am I chasing what I really want to do?

In our own different ways, we go through points in our life of self doubt and probably confusion. Now for once I want to take advice and use it. I know I am great and I am capable beyond measure. I may not have experience but I will not let it bring me down. This week I will make a significant step towards changing this. Trust me I am so scared, but I will pray about it then go right ahead and work towards my dream. I will meet someone who I think has achieved quite a lot, who will enlighten and inspire me and I will ask all the questions that I shall have prepared, share my views on my dream and listen to all the advice they give (I will even right it down).

Let’s take initiative together. Are you afraid of facing something that might unlock your full potential? Take a step of faith with me. Let’s see what lies on the other side……

Memory Lane thanks to a status update

Yesterday I borrowed a status update from a friend on Facebook and I changed it to a remembrance of memories on how I met anyone who commented on it. This is IT.

Today, I will walk down memory lane with each person who commented on it, talk about them, try to remember  a moment we shared and where we met. Hope it turns out well, its my first time doing this kind of post.

Honoline, my beautiful nyarwandan friend, if you think it’s not real how people say Rwandese women are hot, come I introduce you to her. We met at a wedding in Kampala and even though we did not know each other as well as the rest, we became friends and she is warm, welcoming and so cool to hang with. I can’t wait to visit you girl.

Chris Mavindu, for sure we never liked it there. The pressure was so much but thank God it was a stepping stone to better environments. This is the first guy I met who never let anything get to him; he knew what he believed in and worked towards it without worrying too much especially about the crazy targets that had been set. He is fun, hardworking and a people’s person. We should meet up soon.

Meg, wow! I could write a book about you. 1N was the beginning when we were young and new to the high school life. We became chubbies (roommates) in fourth form and I got to know her even better. She is the happiest person I know, very dedicated to anything she sets her mind to, an encourager, great friend and a blessing to her family and the world. However, if you mess with her, she will surely put you in your place. I thank God that we meet regularly and even though we don’t talk always, I can see you walking to your office daily and I know your well.

Tindi, it has been a minute. Quabbz was our first meeting point. She is fun, happy and so selfless. An amazing girl who now works with kids, I would love to see her at work. We are also connected through the African Childrens’ Choir family. We haven’t seen each other in a while, hope we can change that and soon.

Sabby, through the first class we shared in high school to sleeping in the same place in Kaba. Do you remember us putting on the lights after lights out in that hostel? And then Chepo showed up and we jumped into our beds with everything? A wonderful friend even after high school, though she is not in Kenya, I try to see her every time she comes and I will now keep my promise to visit Dar the next time you will be around. Thank God we still talk even beyond the distance. Now I have missed you even more.

Michael, we met in Menegai High School in Naks. I would go for tuition to keep busy while my cousin had holiday classes for her fourth form. A great friend, very interesting, dedicated and persistent guy. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl, I know you will make a great dad. When do I come to visit?

Judy, ha ha ha boxroom…It took me a while to remember where that was in Quabbz. Known since form 1 and though I have not seen her after high school, I am glad that FB has kept us connected. Miss model, continue with the great work. I am proud of you.

Kui, wa wa wa the days of the light blue dresses’. We met in Visa Oshwal Primary, I remember the way we would go home in mats bebanaing so that we did not have to stand the whole journey home. We still met in church even after primary school. A great friend, determined, forward and brave. Congrats on Jaz, I have so much guilt that I have not come to see her. I need to up my game.

Thuovinsky, the chiromo canteen is the first time we met, when I was in campus. I remember the way you had swag, and could not talk to just anyone. Guess I am privileged to be your friend, but I know you are too because how many people have ever made you vanilla tea? A wonderful guy, who knows what he wants in life, is not swayed by multitude and still believes in the things other people deem impossible. It’s great that we are still friends, now to make a date and catch up.

Wangari, my fellow villager, we met in shags (ha ha my father’s area hood). Through so many years, we have and continue to be great friends. Who ever thought we could be where we are today? So many trials have come through our way and even though we may not be where we want, at least we are not where we used to be.

Joy, hmmmm I wonder what we were doing in roast house. This is a friendship that has lasted the test of time. You have been there through some of the hardest times in my life and been a great shoulder to lean on/still are. We have conquered many things together and even though you’re far, I still hold you close to my heart, miss you loads and thank God for unlimited texts as they keeps us going.

Brenda, wow! To be very honest, I do not remember Biashara street. When was that? Homescience prac? My goodness, you have an amazing memory. I remember Quabbz though and I have not seen you in many years but thank God FB keeps us connected. I remember a quiet girl, who would listen as guys made noise in class meetings, when are we meeting for me to review this?

Kimera, a bachelor’s party, that was such an interesting meet plus the very first time I stepped on Ugandan soil. Very hospitable person, gentleman and proud of who he is. A good friend who loves touring the world, I can’t keep track of him as such but at least, internet is our savior. Hope you can visit soon.

Waithera, we have known each other since we were small playing Kalongo as she said (wink wink). She is a dedicated lady, who beat the odds to show many that did not believe in girls from our place that it is possible to finish school,  go to campus and achieve great things after that. I am so proud of you. You set a great example to follow. I miss you a lot and should come to see baby gal, before she calls me to ask if I want to come for her 10th birthday…

Raychelle, I remember when we were singing ‘cucu ruka fence’ as one of the many times I have been punished in Kaba, and you girls laughing at us. We were in section three I think, on the first days of the rest of our interesting green gates life. A interesting, dedicated lady you are.

Chris Wangai, how can you remember it was 11.30am?? aiii. Mama Rosina, the place that had such yummy food, at least for campus standards. A great friend, classmate and fellow noise maker. Very hardworking brother, this one, who has a funny and fun side. So when are we having our get together since we missed the one last weekend?

Tabbz, my first Bunkie ever. The good old quabberian days, in that section in Kaba. She was an interesting lady, who always told great stories I remember and had answers to the things that we did not know. Cheeky in school, like many of us were. It’s been so many years my friend, but with FB I see you continue to excel in all that you do. Ur missed.

Nelly, my beautiful Aunty. I remember, meeting in Spur and I was so nervous coz I didn’t know what to say and where to start. One minute we were quiet, then we started talking and the rest is history. A wonderful, fun, simple lady, great wife and mother to the most beautiful cousin ever. I miss you guys, we should meet up very very soon..

Wanjau, the red carpet days – those were some of the most fun times ever. I remember the way you were quiet and just observant, getting to know people before you say anything. He is a constant friend regardless of distance, fun, ambitious, focused and destined for greatness. It was so nice reconnecting after a while and I hope it becomes a habit.

My goodness, this has really taken me back. It has also shown me that though we may not see each other daily, social media in this case FB really keeps us connected and helps us know how our friends are doing. I am glad to know each and everyone of you.